TWD Acoustic Products Limited established in 1989 and now is about 20 years experienced for producing acoustic related products to Worldwide. Company and factory is now 100% Japanese owned by Mr. Hasegawa¡¦s family (90% for Mr. Hiroshi Hasegawa and 10% for Mr. Ken Hasegawa) with proficient Japanese Quality Assurance Skill and efficiency / effective production technique. As one of the leading acoustic-related products manufacturer, acoustic is our core business and so we design/build/develop driver at our own for all our product line so as provide good quality and customer-oriented acoustic performance projects to our customers.
With 60% OEM project and 40% open market project, our main products lines including inner-type Earphone, light-weight headphone, micro-speaker, cone speaker, speaker box, headsets and all with TWD design driver. Our Factory located at Huizhou, Guangdong Provinces with 8400 Sq. Meter and 800 workers approx. Staffs at factory mainly come from inland China and workers mainly from local district that provide stable return rate of workers after long Holidays and also keeping more competitive price plus constant product output. To easy communication, we provide single business contact window ¡V Hong Kong Office to customers that also provide opportunities for close to customer/Market.
For more details about TWD Acoustic Products Ltd., welcome you to reach our "about us" for Company Historical Hightlights. We are also welcome to reach our TWD Product Milestone for TWD products type evolution. 
If any enquiry or question, please free feel to contact our Hong Kong Office via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone call at (852) 2745 1785.