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TWD Project Milestone 

Year 1989 Acoustic-related projects for Tomei Group which mainly for electronic products, walkman, TV, CD...etc. 

Year 1990 1st the OEM project for Toshiba and 1st category was Bar-Type headphone. 

Year 1991 Developed a new product line: Inner-Type Earphone 

Year 1992 Expanded product line to variety categories such as starting develop Hook Type, Full Size, Medium Size¡Kseries Earbuds / Headphones. 

Year 2000 Expand wired products to wireless business by developing 863 to 864MHz wireless headphone and speaker box to Europe market. 

Year 2002 Succeed to apply US Patent for Headphone / Earmuffs ¡V No. 10/283,086 

Year 2004 Expand the market to specialized Segmentation such as Vibration (Patent) In-Earphone / Headphone for game¡¦s market and Noise cancellation (NC) headphone for traveler / businessman who frequent traveling. 

Year 2005 Expand the wireless business to US market by developing 900MHz wireless headphone. 

Year 2006 Design Earbuds that specialized fit for popular I-POD. 

Year 2007 Extended NC project to in-Earphone type & develop 9mm driver earbuds series. 

Year 2009 Develop 8mm driver earbuds series and extend to professional Segment by developing 40mm and 50mm Professional headphone to specialist such as singer, DJ that provide full fidelity and details acoustic performance to market that is differ from existing consumer market.